July 06, 2023

'Youth Ride Free' Transit Option Extends to Summer Months for Local Youth


RAPID CITY, SD—Rapid Transit System officials remind community youth and their families the popular ‘Youth Ride Free’ program isn’t just a transportation option for the school year, but also extends to the summer months.

            “We see a dramatic drop off in youth ridership during the summer months,” said Rapid Transit System Manager Megan Gould-Stabile.  “The ‘Youth Ride Free’ program also extends to the summer months and provides a great transportation option for young people.”

            Gould-Stabile said youth can utilize the ‘Youth Ride Free’ program during the summer for a number of purposes, including rides to jobs, pools, parks, movies and shopping, summer meal programs and getting to a friend’s house.

            “The free ridership program provides a cost-savings option for families challenged with high fuel and food costs and who may have limited transportation options to get their children to numerous places in the community.

            More than 40,000 youth riders utilized the ‘Youth Ride Free’ program during the 2022-23 school year, an impressive 18 percent increase over the number of youth riders using the program the previous school year.

            Parents and youth can register anytime for the free program by contacting RTS at 605-394-6631 or visiting ‘Youth Ride Free’ at the RTS website at www.rapidride.org  .

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