January 31, 2024

Year In Review: City Grants Division Manager Provides Overview of First Year




RAPID CITY, SD—In its first year of operations, the City’s Grants Division has secured $4.67 million in state and federal grant funding with another $15.6 million pending in submitted grant applications.

            City Grants Division Manager Jamie Toennies provided a one-year review of the division’s work at the January 30 Public Works Committee and January 31 Legal and Finance Committee meetings. 

            “It’s been an active year and I think we have a lot to show for the effort,” said Toennies.  “We want to share the results as well as the lessons we’ve learned since the grants division was put in operation.”

            The grants division was created to help the City of Rapid City secure additional state and federal grant revenue to support city operations.  The division is working with all city departments in researching potential grant sources, vetting specifics to grants, and submitting and tracking applications.  The grants division also fosters collaborations with City committees and community partners and shares the lead in applying for grants on issues of community importance such as housing, child care and work force development.

            “We’re not leaving any stone unturned,” Toennies said.  “We carefully research and vet the grant opportunities, checking to see if there are any strings attached.  The grant awards we receive assist the City in its operations and services to the community and its citizens.”

            The City has received several state and federal grant awards due to the efforts of the grants division.  There have been application rejections along the way, and Toennies is patiently waiting word on numerous applications filed by the City for various grant funds.

            “Our push is to apply for grants that align with the needs of our City departments, align with our City’s priorities, and working in collaboration with staff, department leaders, the mayor and city council,” said Toennies.  “There are many opportunities to seek and secure funds that can assist our community.  We want to do our homework, and when the right opportunities present themselves, we want to be in the mix for consideration.”

            The committee presentations included an overview of the division’s work including grant awards received and applied for, the process used in applying for grants, and the scope of work done by grants division staff in the past year.

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