June 15, 2022

Vandalism Becoming a Daily Occurrence in City's Parks System



**Portable facilities at Braeburn,

Jackson Parks destroyed;

**Restroom facilities at College, Roosevelt Parks

closed due to excessive damage

RAPID CITY, SD—City Parks and Recreation Department officials are reporting a significant increase in vandalism in local parks in recent weeks.

            Portable restroom facilities at Braeburn Park and the Jackson Park Disc Golf Course were destroyed this past weekend.  Someone placed fireworks in the tank of the handicapped-accessible portable bathroom facility at Braeburn Park.  Significant damage was also reported at the Jackson Park portable facility. Both portable facilities were removed and parks officials have ordered replacement facilities through the vendor.

            Permanent restroom facilities at College Park and Roosevelt Park have been closed due to significant damage to the doors at both facilities in recent weeks.  Replacement doors have been ordered but the facilities will remain closed until the doors arrive and can be installed.

            “We are seeing a significant increase in vandalism in our parks,” said Parks Division Manager Scott Anderson.  “The damage is so severe the facilities have to be replaced or closed completely until they can be replaced or repaired.”

            Anderson says vandalism is a daily occurrence within the City parks system, “There’s hardly a day goes by that we don’t encounter graffiti or other destructive vandalism in at least one of our parks. We also have a trash problem in most of the parking lots of our parks. People just dump their trash in the parking lot, even when there’s a trash can nearby.”

Anderson says the park damage comes at a hefty price.

            It will cost between $7,000-10,000 to replace the doors on the facilities at College Park and Roosevelt Park.  Both restroom facilities will remain closed until new doors can be installed.  The cost to replace the portable facilities at Braeburn Park and Jackson Park will total approximately $2,750, including $2,000 for a new portable handicapped-accessible facility at Braeburn Park.  It can take between several hours to a couple of days to clean up the graffiti or some of the damage in the parks

            City officials are seeking the public’s help in reporting vandalism.

            “If people see something, say something,” said Anderson, encouraging the public to contact the Rapid City Parks Department if they discover graffiti and other vandalism in the parks, and to contact the Rapid City Police Department if they witness an incident of vandalism in progress.

            To report vandalism, contact the City Parks Department at 605-394-4175.

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