February 11, 2022

Survey Results: City Employees Predict Super Bowl Outcome, Share Favorites



Survey discloses favorite NFL teams, snacks;

Respondents narrowly predict

Rams to win Sunday's game in close contest

RAPID CITY, SD—And the winner is…

In a survey of City employees and officials, a slight majority of respondents predict the Los Angeles Rams to win Sunday’s Super Bowl LVI, in a close contest.

Like most of the 100 million people tuning into Sunday's Super Bowl LVI, City employees have an opinion on who will win the big game.  They also have an opinion on how close the score will be, whether they will tune in for the halftime show, why they watch the game and what some of their Super Bowl or game-day favorites are when it comes to snacks and beverages.

            The City’s annual survey of employees and officials yielded several dozen answers on everything from which NFL team is their favorite, what kind of beverage and pizza they prefer on game day, and whether they watch the Super bowl for the game or the commercials.

            By a slim 50-42 percent margin, survey respondents are picking the Rams to defeat the Bengals in Sunday’s game with the Rockford Peaches and Milwaukee Bucks coming in a distant third and fourth!  Respondents are hoping for a close game with 76 percent believing the game will be decided by 10 points or less and 18 percent thinking it will be a rout for the Rams.  Four percent believe the game will be decided by a shootout and two percent believe the game will end in a tie.

            A total of 74 percent of survey respondents plan to watch the game with 26 percent either not watching the game or watching the Kitten Bowl, Puppy Bowl, Gunsmoke or Hallmark movies.  Of those planning to watch the game, 68 percent will tune in to the halftime show with 32 percent not tuning choosing instead to walk the dog or cat or watch something else on television.

            When it comes to snacks, respondents could select two choices from a large list of possible snack items.  Chicken wings (30.4%) closely edged chips and dip (28.3%). Nachos (tortilla chips, guacamole, salsa) was listed by 16.3% and pizza by 10.9% of respondents.

            Pizza is often a main selection for watching sports and City survey respondents provided a wide variety of national and local brand choices as their favorites.  As to their choices, Papa Murphys edged Papa Johns 20 to 14 percent, followed by Marco’s Pizza with 10 percent; and a three-way tie between Dominos, Pizza Hut and homemade pizza with eight percent each.  Local selections included Lintz Brothers Pizza, Piesanos, Inferno and Independent Ale House.

And when it comes to beverages, respondents favor a wide spectrum of choices.  For beer or other adult beverages, domestic beer was the choice of 38 percent of respondents with 18 percent selecting ‘a spot of tea’, 16 percent for hard liquor items and 8 percent for foreign beer varieties.  Craft beer, moonshine, water and wine were also among the selections.

            As for soft drinks, the majority of survey respondents (28 percent) chose a healthy option – water with cucumber, lemon or lime.  A total of 26 percent favor Coca-Cola products, 24 percent Pepsi Cola products and 18 percent select Dr. Pepper.

            As to why they watch the game, 35.1 percent watch the game to spend time with family and friends, closely followed by 32.4 percent that watch the Super Bowl for the game and 24.3 percent who watch the game to view the commercials. The remaining 8.2 percent are tuning in, hoping to catch results of the Olympic Monobob event. 

            When it comes to their favorite NFL team overall, those that responded to the survey listed 19 of the NFL’s 32 teams as a personal favorite.  Nearly one in four survey respondents report having no favorite NFL team.  Leading the list of NFL teams from those who did list a favorite were the Minnesota Vikings followed closely by the Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys. 


Which NFL team is your favorite?

  1. No team or ‘none’ listed: 24%
  2. Minnesota Vikings: 18%
  3. Green Bay Packers: 12%
  4. Dallas Cowboys: 8%
  5. Denver Broncos, Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers: 4% each
  6. 13 teams rated at 2 percent or less: 26%

Which team will win Sunday’s Super Bowl?

  1. Los Angeles Rams: 50%
  2. Cincinnati Bengals: 42%
  3. Rockford Peaches: 4%
  4. Milwaukee Bucks: 2%
  5. Don’t Care: 2%
  6. Atlanta Braves: 0%

Do you plan to watch part of all of the game?

  1. Yes: 74%
  2. No: 6%
  3. Watching the Puppy Bowl or Kitten Bowl instead: 4%
  4. Doing other things (shopping/outdoor activity/laundry/watching Gunsmoke or Hallmark movies, etc.): 16%

The final score will be…?

  1. Close, within 10 points: 76%
  2. A rout, more than 10 points: 18%
  3. Decided by a shootout: 4%
  4. End in a tie: 2%

For the halftime show…”

  1. Yes, I’ll watch: 68%
  2. No, Ill not watch: 18%
  3. I’ll be changing the channel to watch something else: 8%
  4. I’ll be walking the dog or cat at that time: 6%

Do you watch the Super Bowl…

  1. To spend time with family and friends: 35.1%
  2. For the game: 32.4%
  3. For the commercials: 24.3%
  4. To see who won the Olympic Monobob event: 8.2%

What is your must-have favorite Super Bowl snack or game food (pick no more than two)?

  1. Chicken Wings: 30.4%
  2. Chips/Dip: 28.3%
  3. Nachos: Chips/Guacamole/Salsa: 16.3%
  4. Pizza: 10.9%
  5. Chili: 4.3%
  6. Mexican (burritos, taquitos, etc.): 3.3%
  7. Popcorn:  1.1%
  8. Other: 5.4%
  9. Burgers: 0%
  10. Chinese takeout: 0%

What it comes to the game time beverage, do you prefer…

  1. Domestic Beer: 38%
  2. A spot of tea: 18%
  3. Hard Liquor: 16%
  4. Foreign Beer: 8%
  5. Craft/homemade beer: 4%
  6. Water: 4%
  7. Moonshine: 2%
  8. Wine: 2%
  9. Other: 8%

Or if you prefer soft drinks over beer, do you favor…

  1. Water with cucumber, lemon or lime: 28%
  2. Coca-Cola line of products: 26%
  3. Pepsi Cola line of products: 24%
  4. Dr. Pepper: 18%
  5. Other: 4%

If you have pizza for your big game snack, do you usually order…

  1. Papa Murphys: 20%
  2. Papa Johns: 14%
  3. Marco’s Pizza: 10%
  4. Dominos, Pizza Hut, Homemade: 8% each
  5. Blaze Pizza: 6%
  6. Piesanos, Godfathers, Boss Pizza, Little Caesars: 4% each
  7. Other:  10% (includes: Infernos, Independent Ale House, Lintz Brothers, Sam’s Club, Veggie)

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