January 15, 2021

Rapid City Youth Council Begins 2021 Term

Members of the 2021 Rapid City Youth City Council. Members of the 2021 Rapid City Youth City Council. (City Photo/Darrell Shoemaker)

The Rapid City Youth City Council began its 2021 term earlier this month with the swearing in of new Council members, election of officers, fielding presentations from Mayor Steve Allender and Malcom Chapman and addressing a mask requirement.  

Mayor Allender administered the oath of office to the members. Elected as officers for the new term:  Sadie Colbeck as chair, Kiran Kelly as vice chair and Tae Swanson as secretary.  

Mayor Allender spoke of the importance of community service and adherence to the principles of the Constitution, using the Schoolhouse Rocks ‘Preamble’ for emphasis.  Chapman utilized the simple messages of Dr. Seuss’ ‘Sneeches’ and a video to underscore the leadership potential of the youth and impacts they have on the community. 

The Youth Council voted 13-3 in support of a mask requirement.  They also shared comments and perspectives from recent meetings of the Rapid City Council, reviewed recent volunteer activities in the community and listened to committee reports.

            The Rapid City Youth City Council was created in late 2018 with approval from the Rapid City Council.  The youth council began meeting a year ago this month. The Youth Council's executive team has created a mentoring plan for new members and this month's meeting paired up veteran Council members Grace Dodds, Sadie Colbeck, Kiran Kelly and Victoria Lujan with the four new youth members Sho-Shanna Piper, Blake Bush, Tae Swanson and Dhruv Goyal.  The 18-member Youth City Council for the 2021 term consists of these eight members along with Hannah Churchill, Jordyn Kokesh, Rylan Barnett, Grace Bradley, Jocelyn Konechne, Raleigh Lunderman, Peyton Swallow, Charlie Swann, Kaitlynn Wellman and Kaci Kirschenman.

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