January 24, 2023

Rapid City Fire Department Releases 2022 Statistics

Rapid City, S.D. – The Rapid City Fire Department responded to 21,494 calls for service in 2022. That is a minimum change from 21,485 calls in 2021.

A breakdown of the calls for service goes as follows:

Medical Only including Mobile Medic: 16,741

Fires & Potential Fires: 1,831

Service Calls, including Airport: 850

Hazardous Condition, Rescue & Other: 1,993

Aid Given to Other Departments: 79

Total: 21,494

There were 10,473 patients transported by our medic units and our Mobile Medic Program responded to 2,450 calls in 2022. A breakdown of Patient Care Reports goes as follows:

Patients Evaluated/Treated: 11,613

No Patient Found/Cancelled in Route/Patient Refusal: 6,917

Dedicated Event Standby: 152

Fire/EMS Incident Standby: 547

Transport Only: 223

Unknown: 2

Total: 19,454

          There were 119 building fires with property values totaling $545,609,670. Total fire losses accounted for $2,721,980, which equates to 99.5% of the property contents being saved.

          Fire sprinklers resulted in a total of $17,638,100 in building and contents being protected. In buildings where fire sprinklers activated, the damage from flames, heat, smoke, water, and other suppression operations only accounted for $37,500 in losses.

           In 2022, there was one civilian fire related fatality, four civilian fire related injuries, and one firefighter injury while operating at a fire incident.

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