July 07, 2022

(7:30 a.m./July 8 Update) Officials Provide Update on Series of Water Line Breaks



(7:30 a.m. Friday Update 7/8/2022)

City officials report crews restored water to customers on Fairmont Boulevard and Jackson Boulevard impacted by Thursday’s water line breaks. Crews will be continuing repair efforts this morning (Friday) on the affected areas of Sioux Avenue and Hawthorne Avenue and expect water service to be restored to those areas by late morning.  Drivers are advised to continue using caution in all four areas as crews will spend the next few days completing road repair in the respective work areas.  City officials continue to investigate the cause of Thursday’s multiple water line breaks.

RAPID CITY, SD—As of late afternoon Thursday, crews remain on the scene of four water line breaks within the Rapid City community.  All of the water line breaks were reported during the mid-day time frame today.  Crews are continuing to work on line repairs and to restore water service to customers in the affected areas.

Here is a brief outline of the four water line breaks:

  1. Jackson Boulevard: This water line break on Jackson Boulevard between Clearview Lane and West Kansas City Street, affects 150-200 residential and business customers.  The turning lane on Jackson Boulevard in the affected area is closed during the repair phase of the project. City officials estimate water service to be restored to the affected area by early this evening.
  2. Sioux Avenue:  A break impacting a one-block area of Sioux Avenue between St. Charles Street and St. Patrick Street, affects water service to 15 residential and two business customers.  City officials estimate water service to be restored later this evening.
  3. Fairmont Boulevard:  This line break affects approximately 30-35 residential customers on the north and south sides of Fairmont Boulevard from Elm Avenue to Grandview Drive as well as the businesses within the Circle S Plaza. City officials estimate water service to be restored to affected customers by mid-evening tonight.
  4. Hawthorne Avenue: This water line break on Hawthorne Avenue affects the businesses in the 900 block of E. St. Andrew Street.  City officials are working with affected businesses and anticipate water service to be restored to this affected area by mid-day Friday.

With the exception of the Jackson Boulevard segment, there are no traffic restrictions in the affected areas, however drivers are advised to use caution.  City officials say the multiple water line breaks over a short period of time is unique and they continue to investigate a cause or causes for the water line break as crews effect repairs. 


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