February 10, 2021

(4/19/21) Lifeguards! Seasonal Jobs With The City! Click Here!

Sioux Park's Jimmy Hilton Pool along with other city pools will be open this summer. Parks and Rec officials are seeking applicants for numerous seasonal positions including lifeguards, parks maintenance and golf course workers. Sioux Park's Jimmy Hilton Pool along with other city pools will be open this summer. Parks and Rec officials are seeking applicants for numerous seasonal positions including lifeguards, parks maintenance and golf course workers. (City File Photo/Darrell Shoemaker)

(April 19, 2021/Update) (CLICK LINK BELOW...)




System upgrade provides for more efficient, timely access

to seasonal job opportunities

RAPID CITY, SD—In a further attempt to boost interest among applicants and alleviate a projected shortage of summer workers, the City of Rapid City is boosting its starting salary and providing other incentives to attract lifeguards and also upgrading its application system for other seasonal workers.

            The City has upgraded its system to provide a direct link to anyone applying for temporary employment.  Applicants are advised to visit:

https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/rapidcity/transferjobs  The link is also available in a featured news item on the City’s home page.

            Among the incentives announced this week by the City: increasing the starting salary for lifeguards to $13.86 per hour and also reimbursing $100 of the $185 lifeguard certification fee for those lifeguards who agree to stay with the City the entire summer.  The City is also linking the lifeguard certification class schedule and online registration to the job postings online.  For all seasonal workers, the City is upgrading its job application system, directing applicants back to the website for other job opportunities if the job they’ve applied for is already filled.  In addition, job listings will be updated to reflect only positions with current openings.

           For more information, contact the City's Human Resources Department at 394-4136.

(April 8, 2021/Update)

Lifeguards, Parks/Landscape Maintenance Among Vacancies;

Lack of seasonal help affecting Parks/Rec, Civic Center

RAPID CITY, SD—A lack of seasonal help this summer may impact the City’s Parks and Recreation Department, affecting everything from operation of the city’s pools to landscape/grounds maintenance and providing special activities to the public.

            According to City officials, if several dozen more seasonal jobs remain unfilled, some unfortunate decisions may have to be made and actions implemented.  Without dozens of additional lifeguards, the Parks and Recreation Department may be forced to adjust the hours of operation at the City’s pools or keep at least one of the pools closed during the summer season.  The City’s pools were shuttered last summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Without more seasonal maintenance workers, upkeep of the City’s parks and greenways -- such as mowing and weeding -- could be delayed.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the City did not hire seasonal workers last summer, impacting the timely maintenance of the City’s parks and greenways.

            “We have experienced challenges with filling all of our seasonal positions in past years, but this year seems to be more profound with a serious lack of people coming forward to apply,” said City Parks and Recreation Department Director Jeff Biegler.  “The Parks and Recreation Department is a terrific place to work and we encourage individuals to check out our seasonal employment opportunities.”

            A lack of seasonal help at City Parks and Recreation could also impact the department’s summer activities and special events.  Biegler said efforts to recruit seasonal help includes messaging on social media and working with school officials.

            The Rushmore Plaza Civic Center is also seeing a dramatic decrease in applicants for seasonal or part-time positions.   

            “We are in desperate need of seasonal and part-time workers especially for this fall,” said Craig Baltzer, executive director of the Rushmore Plaza Civic, future home of The Monument.  “We have relied on several hundred seasonal and part-time event and facility workers in the past and we are down dramatically.

           “For our older seasonal workers, many of them are not returning due to the COVID pandemic.  Many tell us they just aren’t interested in returning to work.”

           Baltzer said the number of seasonal and part-time workers available to assist with events is down by as much as 75 percent.  “For us, the summer is a slower time with fewer events, but come this fall, we will need several hundred more part-time and event workers to support our events and activities.”

           City officials indicate the lack of applicants for seasonal and part-time employment is a national issue.

           Anyone wishing to apply for seasonal positions can go online to the City’s website at www.rcgov.org

           For more information about City Parks and Recreation Department seasonal positions, contact 394-4175 or the Roosevelt Swim Center at 394-5223 for more information. 


 (February 10, 2021)



RAPID CITY, SD—Officials with the City’s Parks and Recreation Department have the perfect answer to get the collective minds of the public off of this week’s sub-zero, frigid temperatures and replaced with visions of sun-kissed golf greens, of sunbathing poolside, of splashing around in soothing, cool waters and walking alongside beautiful, blossoming flower gardens.

The City’s pools, parks and golf courses will be open this summer.  Last summer, the COVID-19 pandemic caused City officials to keep pools, park playgrounds and recreational outlets closed to public use.

“We are excited to announce the City pools will be open this summer,” said City Parks and Recreation Director Jeff Biegler. “COVID-19 impacted the community in so many ways this past year, including severely limiting our recreational opportunities and closure of our community pools.”

With the anticipated opening of the pools, parks and courses, Biegler says the Parks and Recreation Department will need dozens of seasonal workers and the City is putting out the call for anyone interested in working this summer season at the City’s pools, golf courses and parks to apply.

The Parks Division has numerous seasonal openings for landscape maintenance workers and mowers; greenhouse workers; park laborers; custodial, forestry, irrigation workers.  The Recreation Division is seeking applicants for lifeguards, personal trainers, concessions, landscape maintenance and facility maintenance as well as golf course workers including golf cart washers, golf club house staff and outside services staff such as starter/marshals and junior golf coaches.

            "Summer may be months away, but now is the time when we begin looking for dozens of workers that provide valuable assistance in getting our parks, golf courses and pools ready and maintained," said Doug Lowe, City Recreation Division Director.  "These positions are great first-job opportunities as well as great positions for workers with various levels of experience and skills.  We offer competitive wages and the job experiences are rewarding."

            Lifeguards are needed for City pools at Horace Mann, Parkview, Jimmy Hilton and Rapid City Swim Center pools.  Applicants must have a current American Red Cross Lifeguard certification or the ability to obtain the certification, and be 15 years or older.  Job duties include monitoring pool safety, conducting pool patrols and enforcing pool rules to prevent accidents, ability to respond to emergency situations, provide first aid and assist with swim lessons.

            "It may be bone-chilling cold outside this week but it won’t be long before summer is here," said City Recreation Specialist Emily Carstensen.  "We need to start in February getting the word out for lifeguards and other positions. We encourage anyone with the qualifications to consider serving as a City lifeguard this summer for a fun, rewarding experience."

            Interested applicants are encouraged to apply online at www.rcgov.org .  For more information, contact Parks and Recreation at 394-4175 or the Roosevelt Swim Center at 394-5223.



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