October 03, 2023

More than 73,000 Admissions Recorded at City Pools This Summer

The Jimmy Hilton pool at Sioux Park on a hot late July afternoon this summer. The Jimmy Hilton pool at Sioux Park on a hot late July afternoon this summer. (Photo/Darrell Shoemaker)



Weather caused dip in numbers

RAPID CITY, SD—Weather impacted attendance at the City pools this summer but despite all that Mother Nature could dish out, more than 73,000 people still turned out to enjoy the pool experience.

            A total of 73,097 admissions were recorded June through August at the Horace Mann, Parkview, Sioux Park and Roosevelt Swim Center facilities.  The number is down from the 80,412 admissions recorded for the same period of 2022.

            “Weather definitely played a big part into the lower numbers this year,” said City Aquatics Program Specialist Teaghan Slagle.  “The days it was nice, our pools were always packed full.”

            The summer season was impacted by a number of cool days or days with precipitation that caused outdoor pools to close early or not open at all.  Many swimmers sought relief at the Roosevelt Swim Center, which did see an increase in admissions this summer compared to last summer.  There were 33,576 admissions at the Swim Center for the June through August period, compared to 31,200 admissions for the same period in 2022.

            A total of 15,470 admissions were recorded at the Jimmy Hilton pool at Sioux Park, 13,075 admissions at the Horace Mann pool and 10,976 admissions at the Parkview pool facility.

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