June 19, 2020

Homeowner Advisory: City Warns Residents To Research Roofing Contractors, Get Permits




Ensure Work Done Is From Licensed Contractor

RAPID CITY, SD--With recent hail storms, the City's Building Services Division is issuing an advisory to homeowners regarding roof repairs.

            The City has received more than two dozen reports recently of individuals or companies that have arrived in Rapid City to provide roof repairs. City officials advise residents to do their homework and to be mindful of specific City requirements for roof repairs.

            Last August, the City fielded several complaints, questions and concerns from frustrated homeowners and contractors about the quality of roofing work provided by certain contractors and crews. In some instances, the work did not comply with City building codes and requirements. 

            "Let me be crystal clear, we have many reputable roofing and home contractors in the Rapid City area, all with great credentials whose crews know what needs to be done and who work in compliance with City codes and don't cut corners," said  Brad Solon, City Building Services Division manager.  "Already there are dozens of individuals, crews and contractors coming in looking to do roof repairs and it's important the homeowner does their homework and knows the City's codes and requirements.

            "Many homeowners don't know or understand what is required, and are taken advantage of by some unscrupulous fly-by-night operators who arrive soon after a storm, whose crews cut corners to make money, and quickly leave town."

            Solon says the City offers the following advice to homeowners:

            *Check the credentials of the roofer and their crew;

            *Always get references;

            *Make sure the contractor is licensed in Rapid City. Some will say they have a state license but the state only has an excise tax license.

            *Contact the City to determine the permit(s) needed for the roof or home repair work;

            *Ensure the contractor's roofing work includes code-related items such as ice shield and flashings, and the work satisfies City code compliance as well as others such as insurance claims;

            *Check your homeowner's insurance - make sure you are covered for what the damage is.  For example: Code Upgrades.

            "Every summer when we have storms that cause damage to roofs and homes, individuals and companies swarm into town knocking on doors and wanting to do quick repairs at a cheap price," said Solon.  "Some may be reputable, but others have questionable or no credentials at all and whose work does not meet City codes and requirements.  It can leave some homeowners in a worse situation.

            "Many homeowners don't know or understand what is required, and are taken advantage of by unscrupulous fly-by-night operators whose crews cut corners to make money then leave town."

            Homeowners are reminded permits are required for roofing and other home repairs. Homeowners are encouraged to contact the City's Building Services Division at 394-4120 with questions or issues

            The City reminds homeowners that South Dakota state law requires disclosure of substandard work or the lack of permits and inspection approvals.  Such disclosure is required when selling any residential property in South Dakota.


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