March 12, 2019

Emergency Management: Spring Winter Weather-Plan Ahead

Public Service Announcement

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Spring Winter Weather-Plan Ahead


A significant storm will impact Pennington County and the region March 13-14 with 12+ inches of snow and high winds that will result in blizzard conditions and drifting snow, closing roads and halting traffic. The blizzard of October 2013 caught many off-guard without supplies and extended power outages. Don’t repeat lack of planning for this storm. The amount of snow we will receive will not allow you to travel, even in town. You could be stuck at home for 3 days or more. Stock up on supplies before the storm. Make sure your emergency kit is well stocked and essential items you need or use daily will not run out for at least 72 hours.

Essential items to check:

  • · Food and Water – Think about what you will eat and feed your family if you are stuck at home
  • · Prescriptions - Check on your supply of medications and other medical equipment needs.
  • · Batteries – for flashlights and a radio to stay tuned to updates if there is a power outage
  • · Baby Formula and diapers
  • · Bathroom Hygiene Products
  • · Fuel - All types of fuel may be needed. Top off all of your gasoline and kerosene cans and fill the car gas tank. - In case you find yourself stuck in your car, gas can keep you warm and help your cell phone stay charged. Make sure your propane tanks are full, especially if you heat your home with it. Fill smaller propane tanks in case you need to use your grill for cooking. If you heat with a wood stove, make sure you have plenty of wood cut and stored in a dry place. If you plan on using a fireplace for heat, make sure the chimney flue is clean and unobstructed.
  • · Cigarettes
  • · Pet Food

Other things to consider BEFORE the storm hits.

  • Flashlights: When the power is out, flashlights are invaluable. Candles work well also but be careful and don't leave them unattended. 
  • Batteries:  For weather radios, flashlights, lanterns, and anything else you might need to power up if the electricity goes off.
  • Food: Stock up on items that don't require a lot of preparation or refrigeration. Canned foods and pre-packaged meals work best. If you have an all-electric house, a grill can be used for food preparation. (outdoors only)
  • Generators: If you have a generator, get it out and fire it up. Plug in a couple of items to make sure it functions properly. When in use make sure the area is well-ventilated.
  • Charged cell phones: Make sure your cell phones are fully charged. At home, leave them on the charger until they are needed. Turn down the brightness and close non-critical apps to conserve battery life. Keep your laptop charged as well.
  • Weather radio: Make sure it works and is tuned to the proper NWS frequency. It may be your only link to important information. The Rapid City station frequency is 162.550 MHz and SAME code is 546103.
  • Clean clothes:  If you need to do a couple of loads of clothes, do it before a potential power outage. Run the dishwasher and have everything clean that you might need.
  • Your pets: Make sure you bring the pets inside. Cold and snow adds more danger. If they must stay out provide a warm dry shelter, plenty of water and food. Use hay or straw for bedding. Cloth blanket and towels will get damp and freeze. Bring them into the house or garage if possible.

Monitor our Facebook and Twitter for updates. Visit to learn about additional emergency preparedness steps you can take for you and your family. Contact our office for more information at 394-2185.

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