September 21, 2022

Draining of Canyon Lake Ponds Begins For Stone Wall Replacement Project



Public may see lower water levels;

Impacts to fish populations

RAPID CITY, SD—The public may begin to see lowering water levels in the ponds of Canyon Lake Park this week as City Parks maintenance crews cut off water feeding the ponds as part of a reconstruction project to replace the rock walls and improve fish habitat.

            The Rapid City Council approved the project at last night’s (Monday’s) meeting.  The project will reconstruct a portion of the Canyon Lake Park ponds and their perimeter walls, replace the short pedestrian bridge, construct a bioswale/detention pond and improve seating and sidewalks.  The project aims to improve pedestrian safety and access, enhance fish habitat and water quality and beautify the park.

            “The purpose of the project is to repair the stonewalls, to make them safer and to dredge out the ponds to improve the fish habitat,” said City Parks Director Jeff Biegler.  “The project will also make the areas more accessible for fishing and improve the storm water quality.”

            The project affects only the inlet ponds and rock wall perimeter areas and not Canyon Lake itself.  The project is scheduled for completion by Memorial Day next year.

            Crews need to drain the water in the inlet ponds to provide time for the area to sufficiently dry out and assist in the reconstruction project.  Game, Fish and Parks crews will monitor and preserve as much of the fish population as possible.  During the reconstruction phase, traffic will not be allowed through Beach Drive, but the bike path on the northern side of the Park will remain open.

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