April 29, 2020

Communication, Education Key To Enforcing Guidelines Easing Business Restrictions



Mayor Allender:  'Compliance Is Everyone's Job'

Continued non-compliance may result in fine

RAPID CITY, SD--With the City Council's approval Monday night to ease restrictions on certain businesses, the City's code enforcement division will be communicating guidance and information to business owners and the public.

            Flyers entitled "Rapid City's Plan to Ease Restrictions' are available for businesses.  The flyers detail many of the guidelines outlined in the Council's approved resolution.

            "With approval of easing restrictions, it's important both businesses and customers continue to follow social distancing and hygiene protocols," said Mayor Steve Allender.  "The flyers outline and communicate the guidelines for business owners and their employees, and the public, for easing the restrictions.

            "Reopening must be done in a gradual and calculated fashion as we continue to monitor COVID and its impacts on our community on a daily basis."

            The City's Code Enforcement Division will be reviewing complaints, monitoring businesses for compliance and providing guidance on protocols approved in the Council resolution. City officials emphasize the priority focus of code enforcement will be on education and clarification of the resolution's provisions.  Continued non-compliance can result in a fine for each violation of Ordinance 6413 .

            "With a careful, gradual approach and by closely monitoring the daily effects of COVID, we can get many of these businesses opening their doors again," said Allender.  "To do that, compliance will be important on the part of businesses, employees and the public. Compliance is everyone's job."

            The Council voted Monday night 7-2 to ease restrictions in the City's emergency ordinance, which was passed by the Council in late March.

  pdf Flyer (7.48 MB)


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