May 27, 2022

Annual Summer Water Restrictions Initiated June 1

Below is the Rapid City Water Division's Water Conservation Policy:


RAPID CITY—As the calendar approaches June, City officials are reminding homeowners it' time to work water conservation measures into their lawn, tree and garden maintenance schedule. 

            Rapid City's annual mandatory water conservation measures go into effect next week.

            Beginning next Wednesday, no watering is allowed between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. daily.  Odd-numbered addresses are allowed to water on odd-numbered calendar days.  Even-numbered addresses are allowed to water on even-numbered calendar days.  No outside watering is allowed on the 31st day of any month.

            Manual watering with a handheld hose or with a bucket, sprinkling can or other similar container is allowed.

            Since the 1990s, the City of Rapid City has instituted mandatory water conservation measures.  The purpose is to maintain a conservation philosophy among residents.   Water conservation measures are utilized June 1-August 31 each year under normal status conditions.  Status conditions include normal, concern, alert and critical stages and are determined by the water levels and inflows to Pactola Reservoir. 

            "Water conservation measures have been part of our city’s water plan since the 1990s,” said Jeff Crockett, Rapid City Water Superintendent.  "It’s important to maintain conservation measures during wet and dry spring and summer seasons and to keep educating residents about the need and impacts of water conservation practices.”

            The impact of water conservation measures is reflected in the average daily use of water per person in Rapid City. In the 1990s, prior to implementation of annual water conservation measures, the average daily use of water per person in Rapid City was 168 gallons.  In 2021, the average daily use of water per person in Rapid City was approximately 130 gallons.  A ‘Please Use Water Wisely’ pyramid of 168 water jugs, reflecting the daily use of water per person in the 1990s, is on display at the Mountain View Water Treatment Plant.

            For more information or questions about the City’s water restrictions, contact the Rapid City Water Office at 394-4162.


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