April 25, 2024

City Taking Creative Approach to Developing New Comprehensive Plan for City's Future


RAPID CITY, SD—The City of Rapid City is in the initial stages of developing an updated City Comprehensive Plan, wanting to take a creative approach to its development.

            The City is initiating ‘Rapid Gets Creative!’, an arts-based approach to solicit citizen feedback and ideas on what should be in the City’s new Comprehensive Plan. City officials says it’s a creative way for citizens to provide important input in crafting a document that will guide the City’s development and decision-making in areas such as housing, transportation, economy, quality of life improvements, infrastructure development and more.

            “The ‘Rapid Gets Creative!’ project is the first of several opportunities for public input. It utilizes an arts-based approach to solicit the public’s feedback and insights on how the City should approach its future,” said Planning Projects Division Manager Sarah Hanzel.  “Our goal is to let the community’s voice be heard and to shine through in whatever way they want to express themselves.  This approach taps into Rapid City’s creative energy to capture what’s important to our community, what citizens really care about, what we should be considering as we look ahead five, ten and twenty years into our future.”

            The first step in obtaining public feedback is an arts showcase.

            “Rapid Gets Creative’ allows residents to share their thoughts and suggestions through art, welcoming all art forms, skill levels and creative expressions.  Participants can go online and submit a dance, poem, drawing, painting – anything that feels like art and conveys the message of “What do you love most about Rapid City?” and “What makes Rapid City special?”.

            Rapid City residents are encouraged to visit www.RapidCityComprehensivePlan.com to take the first questionnaire and learn more about the ‘Rapid Gets Creative’ arts contest.  The City is working with the Logan Simpson firm to develop the project.  The public will be encouraged to participate through a series of social media ads and content posts and other promotions.

            The City’s current Comprehensive Plan, adopted in 2014, can be accessed on the City’s website at www.rcgov.org under the ‘Featured Content’ section of the home page.

            Here is more about the ‘Rapid Gets Creative!’ project.

Rapid Gets Creative!   

**Purpose and Intent**

The purpose of the Rapid Gets Creative effort is to inspire creativity and enhance accessibility of feedback for all community members to contribute their ideas to the 2024 Comprehensive Plan update.  


In 2014, Rapid City adopted its Comprehensive Plan. Now, it’s time for the City to update its Plan to better reflect today’s community, guide future development and plan for growth over the next twenty years. 
Rapid City has a vibrant and culturally rich arts community, which inspired the Comprehensive Plan’s arts-based approach. Our goal is to let the community's voice shine through in whatever way they express themselves most authentically, tapping into Rapid City’s creative energy to capture what the community really cares about. Art is about more than aesthetics; it's about creating diverse and meaningful ways to communicate and relate.  Overall, this Plan is about getting everyone involved and making sure that your voice is heard loud and clear. 
**How do I contribute?**
There are many ways to be creative, to make art, and express yourself. Rapid Gets Creative welcomes all art forms, skill levels, and community members to use their creativity to elevate the Rapid City Comprehensive Plan! You can submit a dance, poem, drawing, painting—anything that feels like art to you and conveys the message “What do you love most about Rapid City?” and “What makes Rapid City special?”. 
To start your artistic process, think of the elements or pieces of Rapid City that you love or inspire you. Then, create or imagine a work of art that captures why you have chosen to call Rapid City home. 
Art comes in all forms, and creation is part of your everyday life! So, whether you’re painting your 100th painting or writing a poem for the first time—your work is welcome and appreciated in this process. 
**How will my submission be used?**
Your art will be reviewed by the project team with the opportunity to be selected as a contributor to various materials throughout the planning process such as the website, social media content, a showcase exhibit, and the final plan documents. You will be given credit for any art submitted that gets chosen. You will also be recognized as a contributor to the Plan in the final draft. Any social media contacts or website links are welcomed and can be posted alongside your artwork! 
You can also submit anonymously or provide general information for how you would like to be credited. 



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