April 05, 2021

(Update 4/6/21) City's Remote Yard Waste Sites Collect 'Tons' Of Material On Opening Day

Remote yard waste drop-off locations are now open for the season at Fitzgerald Stadium (pictured) and at West Boulevard North. Remote yard waste drop-off locations are now open for the season at Fitzgerald Stadium (pictured) and at West Boulevard North. (City File Photo/Darrell Shoemaker)

(UPDATE 4/6/2021)



Crews hauled away 32 containers

with nearly 47 tons of material

RAPID CITY, SD—Monday was the first day for placement and public use of the large, green containers at the City’s two remote yard waste locations and Solid Waste officials indicate the containers collected tons of material…literally.

            Solid Waste Division crews hauled away 32 loads of yard waste material Monday from the two remote locations at Fitzgerald Stadium and West Boulevard North to the Rapid City Landfill.  The 32 container loads included 46.98 tons of yard waste material – paper sacks of grass, leaves, clippings, tree limbs and branches, and garden wastes. Several large containers are placed at each site.

            “With the nice weather this past weekend, it’s clear there was a lot of tree trimming, raking and sprucing up of yards and areas in the community,” said Jancie Knight, Solid Waste Division outreach coordinator.  “Our crews were kept busy hauling the big containers in and out of the remote locations all day Monday and very early Tuesday morning.

            The remote locations were opened yesterday (Monday) and will be open through November.  In addition to yard waste, the remote locations also include containers for mixed recycling, cardboard and newspapers.


(APRIL 5, 2021)



Solid Waste officials remind public to use

remote site containers for intended uses

RAPID CITY, SD—The City’s remote yard waste drop-off locations are officially open for the season with containers placed at Fitzgerald Stadium and West Boulevard North.

            The locations now include yard waste containers along with the mixed recycling, cardboard and newspaper containers.  The yard waste containers will be available at both sites through November.

            Solid Waste officials remind the public to utilize the containers for their intended purposes: yard waste, recycling materials, cardboard and newspapers.  The remote collection sites are not drop-off locations for commercial haulers and are not dump sites for large items such as appliances, furniture and items that should be taken to the Rapid City Landfill.  Anyone with questions should contact the City’s Solid Waste Division at 355-3496.

            The public is also reminded to sign up for adjusted collection notices by visiting www.rapidcityrecycles.org and sign up for email reminders.  The public can also keep up with Solid Waste Division information on Facebook at www.facebook.com/SolidWasteRC .

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