May 15, 2020

City Recognizing Workers During National Public Works Week May 17-23

A City pothole patching crew at work. A City pothole patching crew at work. (City File Photo/Darrell Shoemaker)



RAPID CITY, SD--They provide some of the most essential services for a community, often providing critically-important and necessary work behind the scenes and providing quick response during a crisis.

            They are public works employees and next week the City is recognizing its more than 250 public works employees during National Public Works Week (May 17-23).

            "In addition to our first responders who work to ensure public safety, our public works employees provide critical and necessary services to our community and our residents," said Rapid City Mayor Steve Allender.  "Providing efficient public works services, including quality water, sewer and wastewater services, and solid waste collection are critical and essential services to our community."

            Rapid City's Public Works Department includes seven divisions: water, streets, water reclamation, solid waste, engineering, transit services (Rapid Transit), and mapping and data services (Geographic Information System).

            "Much of the work is done behind the curtain," said Public Works Director Dale Tech.  "Our engineers provide critical analysis, design and observation work. Our water and wastewater divisions collect and monitor data and ensure quality water, sewer and wastewater services for our community to operate efficiently on a day-to-day basis.

            "But much of the work is also done in public, with workers removing snow, sweeping streets and filling potholes to jetting utility lines and repairing water lines when a problem occurs.  They collect trash, recyclables and yard waste and provide essential solid waste services. There are transit drivers providing transportation services to get residents to their destinations and appointments.  We have analysts providing mapping services, data and technical support for the city, county and the public."

            The City will be recognizing its public works staff in different ways during the week, including online public information items and messages.


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