May 08, 2023

City Issues April Building Permit Report



Second-highest valuation totals ever reported

for January through April period

RAPID CITY, SD—The City issued 229 building permits in April for a valuation total of more than $37.5 million ($37,531,775).  The monthly total is the third-highest on record for the month of April.

            For the first third of 2023, the City has issued 844 building permits with a combined total valuation of more than $155.2 million, the second-highest valuation total for the January through April time frame in the City’s history.  Only the valuation total of $178.7 million for January through April of 2018 was higher.

            The City issued eight permits with a valuation total over one million dollars each.  The list includes a permit valued at more than $6.7 million to RESPEC Company LLC with Dean Kurtz Construction as contractor for an office addition at 3824 Jet Drive and a permit valued at over $6.6 million to Split Creek Commons, LLC with Lloyd Construction Company as contractor for the Springs Edge Apartments at 530 E. Stumer Road.  Other high-valued permits were issued to Ole Real Estate Holdings LLC with MAC Construction as contractor for demolition of the existing Taco Johns facility and construction of a new facility at 1710 Cambell Street (permit valued at more than $2.3 million); three permits valued at $1.65 million each to Johnson Ranch Apartments LLC with Select Construction as contractor for 15-unit apartment complexes at 2026, 2020 and 2036 Provider Boulevard; a permit valued at $1.6 million issued to Pilot Properties LLC with Pilot Properties LLC as contractor for a 12-unit apartment complex at 461 Neel Street; and a utilities and foundation permit valued at more than $1.2 million issued to Rapid Auto Group LLC with Zeisler Construction LLC as contractor for utilities and foundation work at the Take 5 facility at 507 N Cambell Street to include a future Brew 7 Coffee Hut operation.

            Below is the total permits issued and valuation totals for the January through April period from the past 10 years.

YEAR                        TOTAL                      VALUATION

(January-April)         PERMITS                  TOTAL (January-April)

2023                            844                              $155,289,848*

2022                            851                              $115,251,668

2021                            1,436                           $129,867,846

2020                            891                              $ 62,588,204

2019                            806                              $ 75,464,754

2018                            1,004                           $178,733,587*

2017                            908                              $ 83,956,740

2016                            970                              $120,032,421

2015                            1,057                           $ 74,494,250

2014                            1,722                           $ 48,635,178

*Represents top two January-April valuation totals during 10-year time frame

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