October 30, 2020

City Imposes Weight Restrictions On Two Local Bridges



Recent inspections identify deterioration

on San Marco Blvd and Tomahawk Drive bridges

RAPID CITY, SD--New weight limits have been posted on two bridges in Rapid City.  Bridges on San Marco Boulevard and Tomahawk Drive will have reduced weight limits after recent inspections reflected deterioration of the bridge structures.

            The new weight limits are effective immediately. 

            "We are advising the public of these new weight restrictions after the most recent bridge inspections," said City Public Works Director Dale Tech.  "One of the bridges is on the state DOT's four-year plan for replacement and we are working on a plan to repair the other bridge.  In the meantime, we are requiring weight restrictions for vehicles and loads until replacement and repairs can be made."

            The San Marco bridge is located between Pierre Street and Capital Street and is now restricted to a total weight of five tons for vehicle, cargo and trailer combinations.  This is a reduction from the previous weight limit dating back to 2016 of 12 tons for single-unit and 20 tons for combination units.  Vehicles over five tons are advised to use Pierre Street and Capital Street as alternate routes.

            The Tomahawk Drive bridge is located between the intersections of Country Club Drive and Stockade Drive and is restricted to 12 tons for single-unit vehicles and 20 tons for vehicle/trailer combinations.  Vehicles exceeding the posted weight limits will need to detour using Jackson Boulevard.

            Each weight limit includes passengers and cargo. 

            The reduced weight requirements will extend the life of the bridges until replacement bridges can be constructed.  The South Dakota Department of Transportation is scheduled to replace the San Marco bridge in 2023.  City officials are developing a proposal for repair of the Tomahawk bridge structure and would seek to use Capital Improvement Project (CIP) funding. 


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