June 29, 2020

City Guide To Independence Day: Events, City Offices & Trash Collection, Fireworks Usage & More


Events, Parking & Viewing Suggestions,

City Offices & Holiday Trash Collection Skeds;

Fireworks Usage, Safety Messages

RAPID CITY--The City's Independence Day fireworks celebration will take place Saturday, July 4 at approximately 9:30 p.m.  The 20-25 minute show will coincide with patriotic music on radio station 93.9 The Mix.  The fireworks display will be discharged from the Executive Golf Course area. Rainout date is Sunday, July 5.

            "There is no shortage of special events and activities this Independence Day and the City's fireworks show is always a great highlight to the holiday.  We know many people are looking for a needed break from the stresses of the COVID pandemic and we're hoping for a great show to light up the night sky," said Mayor Steve Allender.  "We want everyone to come out and enjoy the event, while practicing social distancing. Independence Day is a great time for families, firework shows and food, and we hope everyone has an enjoyable and safe holiday."

            Rapid City Interim Fire Chief Jason Culberson encourages the public to utilize extreme caution with fireworks and open fires during the holiday period.

            "With all the planning that can go into celebrating the Fourth of July, it's important the public remember the importance of safety," said Culberson.  "We want everyone to have an exciting and fun time but be safe. 

            Culberson reminds the public that fireworks, with the exception of novelty fireworks, in the City limits is prohibited. 

            "Even with the use of novelty fireworks, use extreme caution and proper safety," Culberson said.  "And if you are in areas where fireworks are allowed, safety measures include the proper handling and use of fireworks and having sufficient water supplies on hand should a problem arise.

            " Have fun and be safe."


            The public is advised to be patient and allow extra time when arriving and departing the downtown area for the City's Independence Day fireworks event.

            Parking options to view the City fireworks display include the downtown parking ramp, City Hall parking lot, Civic Center parking lots, Rapid City Central High School, areas near Founders Park and the downtown area, including east of Fifth Street.   As for viewing options, consider the Civic Center lots, top tier of the parking ramp, Legacy Commons greenway, Memorial Park and the adjacent bike path area, Founders Park area, downtown parking areas, Skyline Drive and areas around 'The Gap'.

            With the COVID-19 pandemic, the public is advised to follow CDC guidelines on large gatherings and social distancing.

            The Rapid City Police Department will be restricting and prohibiting access near the display area around the Executive Golf Course.   Consider arriving early to access prime parking and viewing areas for the display.  Drivers are urged to use caution when driving along Omaha and adjacent areas near the fireworks display area, both before and after the show due to increased traffic in the area.

            The public is advised to use caution along the City's bike path in the area of Founders Park, Executive Golf Course and the Legacy Commons/Memorial Park area with larger numbers of pedestrian traffic expected in these areas.


Landfill & Library Closed;

Trash Collection Schedule Profiled;

Rapid Transit Service Not Operating

            City offices will be closed on Friday, July 3 in observance of Independence Day. 

            The Rapid City Landfill will be open Friday, July 3 and closed Saturday, July 4.  Trash collection will be adjusted as follows: Monday is normal collection with Tuesday through Friday's collection taking place a day earlier than usual, leave out until collected (Tuesday, set out on Monday; Wednesday, set out on Tuesday; Thursday, set out on Wednesday; Friday, set out on Thursday).

            Rapid Transit Service operations, including RapidRide and Dial-a-Ride, will be closed Friday and Saturday, July 3-4 and will resume operations Monday, July 6.

            The Rapid City Public Library will be closed Friday and Saturday, July 3-4 and will be open Sunday, July 5.

            City pools are closed for the summer. The Roosevelt Swim Center and Roosevelt Ice Arena are closed until September 1.

            Administrative offices at the Rapid City Police Department, Fire Department and Rapid City Regional Airport will be closed on Friday, July 3.  Police and fire shift services will be on duty supporting local and area activities July 3-4.  Regional Airport will be open.


            Other fireworks displays in Rapid City include Black Hills Speedway and Floyd Fitzgerald Stadium on July 4.  Arrowhead Country Club officials indicate their annual fireworks display will be postponed to the fall.  The Elks Lodge in Rapid City has cancelled their annual fireworks display.

            There will also be fireworks and holiday activities in area communities.


            Fireworks go on sale and are eligible for discharge from June 27-July 5 in South Dakota, City officials remind residents and visitors that City ordinance prohibits fireworks within city limits with the exception of 'novelty fireworks' such as sparklers, party poppers, snappers, toy caps and flitter sparklers (Ordinance 8.24.020). 

                This year, the time frame for the sale and discharge of fireworks in South Dakota is Saturday, June 27 through Sunday, July 5.

            City officials also urge the public to use extreme caution if they are in areas where fireworks are permitted and also with the use of novelty fireworks.  A sufficient water source on hand when using novelty fireworks, barbeque grills and other fire sources is advised.  

            Ordinance 8.24.020 is outlined below:

8.24.020 IFC Chapter 33, Section 3301.1.3 Fireworks.

8.24.020 IFC Chapter 33, Section 3301.1.3 Fireworks.

   The possession, manufacture, storage, sale, handling and use of fireworks are prohibited.


  1. Storage and handling of fireworks permitted in Section 3304.
  2. Manufacture, assembly and testing of fireworks as permitted in Section 3305.
  3. The use of fireworks for display as permitted in Section 3308.
  4. The sale or use of certain novelty fireworks within the city are permitted, and are limited to the following:
  5. Party poppers (not to exceed 0.25 grain).
  6. Snappers (not to exceed 0.02 grain).
  7. Sparklers (not to exceed 3.5 oz.).
  8. Toy caps (not to exceed 0.25 grain).
  9. Flitter sparklers (not to exceed 0.2 oz.).

   Any person violating this chapter shall be subject to the general penalty provision of § 1.12.010.

(Ord. 5864, 2012; Ord. 5844, 2012; Ord. 5725, 2011: Ord. 5628, 2007)


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