June 10, 2020

City Crews Begin Attack On Mosquitoes

City Crews Begin Attack On Mosquitoes (City File Photo/Darrell Shoemaker)


Residents can do their part

by getting rid of standing areas of water

RAPID CITY, SD--Combine warm seasonal temperatures with doses of measurable precipitation and the result is the emergence of those pesky, winged insects that can disrupt summer activities.

            Mosquito season is upon us.

            This week, the City's Parks Division and Storm Water Drainage Division are initiating mosquito control actions.  Crews are placing larvicide briquettes, which last 120 days, in standing water areas to control mosquito larvae.

            "The combination of recent rains and warmer temperatures can result in a strong mosquito population," said City Parks Manager Scott Anderson. "The briquettes are a good control measure and they last a long time."

            City crews will be focusing their efforts on City greenways and park areas with the larvae briquettes.  Anderson says Parks will be conducting checks and monitoring for reports of mosquitoes.

            Anderson says homeowners can play a big role in keeping mosquito populations down around their homes.

            "The best action residents can take is to get rid of standing water areas around their homes," said Anderson. " Standing water areas are where mosquitoes can lay their eggs and larvae can grow.

            "Residents can also utilize topical application of repellent products containing DEET for personal use against mosquitoes."

            Anderson said the City's Stormwater Drainage Division will be treating drainage areas and storm sewer inlets with briquettes.   In addition, crews will utilize fogging on a complaint basis and in areas where larger events may be taking place later this summer. Depending on their spread this season.  If crews plan fogging operations, the City will communicate areas scheduled for fogging operations to the media and through the City's social media platform.

            The City has also applied for the Mosquito Control and West Nile Prevention Grant.  Grant awards are issued around July 1.  Anderson said the City has applied for $20,000 to be used for additional chemicals, updating machines and equipment.

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