March 23, 2020

City Council Approves First Reading of COVID-19 Ordinance

The Rapid City Council voted 7-2 Sunday night in special session to approve first reading of an emergency ordinance to address a public health crisis by implementing certain measures deemed necessary to slow the community spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Council members voting in favor of the ordinance: Laura Armstrong, Chad Lewis, Darla Drew, Ritchie Nordstrom, Becky Drury, Greg Strommen and Bill Evans.  Council members voting in opposition of the ordinance: John Roberts and Lance Lehmann.

The second reading of the ordinance is scheduled during a special session of the City Council scheduled for Friday at 6 p.m. in the City Hall's Council Chambers.

Below is the proposed ordinance:

 pdfCC032220-02 (198 KB) 

The Council also approved an emergency resolution repealing the moratorium on telephonic and electronic meetings and allowing the Council to conduct meetings via teleconference and electonic means.

 pdfCC032220-01 (180 KB) 


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