August 04, 2020

City Council Approves Amendment Relaxing Parking, Storage of RVs, Boats, Trailers

Provision Affects Vehicles Placed In Driveways, Pads;

On-Street Limitations Continue

RAPID CITY, SD--At Monday night's meeting, the Rapid City Council approved an ordinance amendment relating to the storage and parking of certain vehicles and trailers within city limits.

            The ordinance amendment would relax certain current provisions in City code, allowing an RV or boat trailer to be placed in a front yard setback, such as a driveway, graveled pad or hard-surfaced pad.  Currently, recreational vehicles, travel trailers, and hauling trailers cannot be parked or stored in the front setback area of a residential lot if they are to remain stationary for more than 72 hours.

            The amendment continues to prohibit the storage or parking of a vehicle, RV, boat or trailer in the boulevard, across a sidewalk or within the required sight triangle of traffic.  The Rapid City Municipal Code continues to contain provisions on type and size of vehicles and time limitations for vehicles for on-street parking.

            Rapid City Police, Code Enforcement, Building Services, Current Planning, Public Works, Mayor's Office and City Attorney's Office provided input for the amendment.  The ordinance amendment is scheduled for second reading at the Council's August 17 meeting.  If approved, the amendment would become effective September 11.



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