June 12, 2020

Citizens, Groups Help Keep Parks Maintained Through City's Adopt-A-Park Program




RAPID CITY, SD--Rapid City residents and organizations can play an important role in the upkeep, maintenance and beauty of local parks by participating in the City's Adopt-A-Park Program.

            The Adopt-A-Park Program has been in place for many years and is especially important this year with fewer City seasonal employees to help provide timely upkeep and maintenance of the parks.

            The West Boulevard Neighborhood Association is the most recent example of a local group applying to adopt a park.  The group is adopting Wilson Park and will be planting flowers, weeding and cleaning up trash in the park.

            "The Adopt-a-Park program provides a great partnership between neighborhood groups, community organizations and the City in helping to maintain our parks," said City Parks Landscape Designer Melissa Petersen. "We don't have as much seasonal help this summer to rely on for a lot of the park upkeep and maintenance so our permanent staff is spread pretty thin.

            "The work of volunteers and organizations through the Adopt-a-Park program assists the City greatly, but it also promotes a sense of community pride with groups and individuals working to keep a particular area clean and beautiful for everyone to enjoy."

            Petersen is encouraging groups and individuals to consider the Adopt-a-Park Program.

            Most City parks are available for adoption and tasks can include picking up trash and debris, cleaning and raking, sweeping parking lots, sidewalks and shelters; cutting and removing weeds; painting; general park maintenance; mulching; cleaning out fireplaces and barbeque pits, replenishing wood chips under the play equipment; replacing basketball hoop nets and other projects.

            Individuals and groups can adopt a park by submitting an Adopt-a-Park application with the City's Parks Division. Upon receipt of the application, Parks staff will visit with the individual or group supervisor to discuss expectations and specific details.

            For more information about the City's Adopt-a-Park program, contact 394-4175, click on the Parks/Urban Forestry block on the City's Parks and Recreation page at the city's website or go directly to:  https://www.rcgov.org/index.php?option=com_docman&view=download&alias=11162-adopt-a-park-program&category_slug=parks-recreation-department&Itemid=149


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