February 27, 2023

Candidate Election Packets Available; Window to Circulate Petitions March 1-28




City releases important dates

for June 6 municipal elections

RAPID CITY—Election packets for this June’s municipal election are available beginning this Monday, February 27.

Candidates for Rapid City mayor and positions on the Rapid City Council can begin circulating petitions this Wednesday, March 1.  One position in each of Rapid City's five wards is up for election.  Rapid City’s municipal election is scheduled for Tuesday, June 6 with deadline to file petitions for the municipal election set for Tuesday, March 28.

            Mayoral candidates will be seeking a four-year term for the office currently held by incumbent Steve Allender. City Council candidates will be seeking three-year terms. The Council positions currently held by incumbents Pat Jones (Ward 1), Ritchie Nordstrom (Ward 2), Jason Salamun (Ward 3), John Roberts (Ward 4) and Laura Armstrong (Ward 5) will be on the ballot this election cycle.

The candidate receiving the most votes in each election will be declared the winner.  There will be no runoff elections.         

            The City is reminding voters and potential candidates of important dates during the election season.

            Election packets can be obtained at the City Finance Office at 300 Sixth Street.  The packets include important information including deadlines for candidates to file financial interest statements.  Candidates can begin circulating petitions Wednesday, March 1.  Any petitions signed or notarized before March 1 will not count.  Petitions must contain valid signatures of at least 50 persons registered to vote in a candidate's ward and must be filed with the City Finance Office by Tuesday, March 28 at 5 p.m.  City Finance must only validate 50 signatures for each candidate.  Candidates are advised to secure extra signatures over the 50 required.

            Candidates for mayor must submit valid signatures of at least 50 persons registered to vote in the city corporate limits of Rapid City.

March 28 is also the deadline for a candidate to remove their name from the ballot.

            Deadline to update a voter’s address or to register to vote is May 22 at 5 p.m. and can be done at the City Finance Office or at the Pennington County Auditor’s Office.

Early voting will begin on May 22 at 7 a.m. and end at 6 p.m. on Monday, June 5 at the Pennington County Auditor’s Office, 130 Kansas City Street.  

            Candidates must file a Statement of Financial Interest within 15 days after filing their nominating petitions, and must also file a Statement of Organization for a Candidate Campaign Committee not later than 15 days after becoming a candidate.  All required forms must be filed with the City Finance Office. The treasurer for a political committee shall file a statement of organization not later than 15 days after the date upon which the committee made contributions, received contributions or paid expenses in excess of $500.  The treasurer of a political committee shall file an updated statement of organization not later than 15 days after any change in the information contained on the statement.

            Candidates elected June 6 will take office at the Monday, July 3 City Council meeting. 

            For more information or questions, contact the City Finance Department at 605-394-4143.


DATE                         EVENT

February 27                 Petition packets available/City Finance Office

March 1                       Circulating petitions can begin

March 28                     5 p.m./Deadline to file petitions

March 28                     5 p.m./ Deadline to withdraw as a candidate

May 22                         Early voting begins

May 22                        Voting registration deadline

June 5                          6 p.m./Early voting ends

June 6                          ELECTION DAY

July 3                          Swearing-in of new Council members

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