April 14, 2023

Busy At The City Greenhouse

City Greenhouse workers busy at transplanting flowers. City Greenhouse workers busy at transplanting flowers. (City Photo/Darrell Shoemaker)


Shipments of flowers numbering in the several thousands arrived at the City Greenhouse this week. Greenhouse Specialist John Berglund and his crew immediately went to work transplanting the flowers. Berglund estimates crews will be working with about 17,000 of the flowering plants to go with about 8,000 seedlings crews have been nurturing at the greenhouse.

           The approximately 25,000 flowers and plants will be placed in the City’s flower gardens primarily at Sioux Park, Wilson Park, Sunken Gardens and Halley Park later in May once the threat of freezing temperatures has passed. Flowers will also be placed in some of the City’s frontage areas.

           Some of the plant types include zinnias, marigolds, dragons breath and gomphrena fireworks. Standing guard are the four gargantuan banana plants which Berglund says will be placed in one of the local parks for a sixth summer.

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