January 05, 2021

2020 Building Year In Review: City Issues Second-Most Permits, Fifth-Highest Valuation

The City issued the second most building permits in 2020 with the fifth-highest valuation. The City issued the second most building permits in 2020 with the fifth-highest valuation. (City File Photo/Darrell Shoemaker)




RAPID CITY, SD--The COVID-19 pandemic produced its fair share of challenges and issues for the community in 2020, but there was at least one positive index reflected at year's end.  The City's Building Services Division issued the second-most building permits in any year in the City's history with the fifth-highest year recorded for annual permit valuation.

            In December, the City issued 247 building permits with a valuation total of $15,678,857.  For the year, the City issued 5,598 building permits, second only to the 5,906 permits issued in 2013.  Permit valuation in 2020 totaled $275.25 million ($275,254,669), fifth-highest in the City's history after four consecutive years of more than $300 million in valuation (2016-19).

            "Given where we were as a city, state and nation back in April and all the months of uncertainties produced by COVID-19, we are very pleased at the year of building in Rapid City," said Community Development Director Ken Young. "Builders and homeowners were both very active last year, reflected both  in the number of do-it-yourself and roofing projects and the building of apartments, homes and commercial properties."

            Young said there were considerable increases in various permit categories including roofing permits, single-family homes, three- and four-plexes and five or more family buildings.

            Topping the list of December permits: Blueline Development, Inc. for Discovery Village, a five-family complex unit at 1075 Anamosa Street ($5,280,000); JLJ Properties LLC for alterations at 1718 Eglin Street to transform the former Famous Daves Bar-B-Que Restaurant to the Old Chicago Restaurant ($1,046,000); Tallgrass Apartments LLC for the Tallgrass Clubhourse at 2126 E. Philadelphia Street ($900,000); Monument Health Hospital for MRI facility alterations at 1635 Caregiver Circle ($662,691); Orchard Meadows Rapid City LLC for a six apartment complex at 2840 Timberline Place ($590,000) and for a four apartment complex at 2845 Timberwolves Road ($440,000).

Top 10 permits issued in 2020 (valuation):

1) $14 million: (MARCH) Red Rock Apartments LLC for a 149-unit complex at 7175 Dunsmore Road

2) $7.5 million: (SEPTEMBER) Lloyd Construction Company for a 96-unit apartment complex at 1466 Catron Boulevard, largest of three permits issued to Lloyd in the month for 96,36 and 36-unit complexes

3) $7.15 million: (AUGUST) Samuelson Development LLC, first permit for the Tallgrass Apartments, 2202 Philadelphia Street

4) $6.5 million: (OCTOBER) Samuelson Development LLC, permit for 59-unit Tallgrass apartment complex, 2212 Philadelphia Street

5) $5,614 million: (OCTOBER) BT/OH LLC for new UPS Building at 2540 Rearden Court

6) $5.5 million: (OCTOBER) Samuelson Development LLC for 43-unit Tallgrass apartment complex, 2212 Philadelphia Street

7) $5.28 million: (DECEMBER) Blueline Development, Inc. for Discovery Village, 1075 Anamosa Street

8) $4.225 million: (OCTOBER) Sharaf 5 Properties LLC for Kansas City Street Plaza, 18 E. Kansas City Street

9) $4.2 million: (AUGUST) Monument Health for fifth floor build-out, 353 Fairmont Boulevard

10)  $4.112 million: (NOVEMBER) Fitzgerald Stadium renovations

Other notable permit numbers from 2020:

**A total of 241 permits were issued for single family homes, the highest since 247 were issued in 2006

**There were 715 permits issued for 'five or more family buildings', shattering the previous marks of 425 in 2013 and 381 in 2016;

**There were 16 permits issued for 'three and four plexes' in 2020.  There were 12 issued in the category in 2007 and only 12 for the entire time period of 2008-2019;

**A total of 3,079 residential roofing permits were issued for a total valuation in excess of $32 million. The last year with a similar total of residential roofing permits was 2014 when 2,419 residential roofing permits were issued.

Worth Mentioning:

**2007 was the first year Rapid City surpassed $200 million in valuation ($212.64 million). The City would surpass that threshold again in 2011 and surpassed $200 million in permit valuation each year from 2011 to 2015. From 2016-19, various large projects pushed the City over the $300 million mark each year. The last five years has resulted in the five highest permit valuation totals in the City's history.



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