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The City Council shall by resolution adopt a plan for projects or programs to be funded, in whole or in part, from the Vision Account. No portion of the Vision Account shall be used to fund any project or program not included in the plan. All projects included in the plan shall be located within the City Limits of Rapid City or benefit the City as a whole.

The City Council may use the Vision Account to finance buildings, facilities, infrastructure or other capital projects, but may not use the Vision Account to finance ongoing maintenance and operational expenses of the various City departments, or of any buildings and/or facilities included in the plan. The City Council shall be authorized to issue revenue bonds to be paid from the Fund in order to finance the projects contained in the plan. The Vision Account may be used to fund the operational expenses of economic development projects or programs.

A 2016 ordinance revision removed the 5-year plan stipulation and sets forth each new plan-period be left to the discretion of the Council to be set prior to solicitation of projects.

On August 6, 2018, Council authorized the solicitation of potential projects from the public for the next round of projects to be funded out of the vision account, providing an anticipated $6-million made available annually, and setting a three-year project period. This motion authorized the allocation of the remainder of the vision funds, not needed for debt service for the arena project, to be considered for use in next round of projects to be funded from the Vision Account taking both community and city projects into consideration.

9 voting members


Committee members must be citizens of Rapid City.


The purpose of the Vision Fund Citizen Committe is to accept and take comments on potential community Vision Account projects for recommendation to City Council in support of projects that accomplish the City’s long-term goals and values. Following an 8-week solicitation period, the City received a total of 24 community project applications for consideration. The Citizen Committee is in process of reviewing 22 potential projects - each having met minimal criteria outlined in 3.16.090B.2.

pdf 2018 Community Projects (189 KB)


The Citizen Committee invited all applicants to present their project at public hearing for the purpose of taking comment on and discussing each project proposal.

pdf Public Hearing Schedule (104 KB)

Public Hearings held December 18, 2018

2 p.m. Public Hearing Video
6 p.m. Public Hearing Video

Public Hearings held December 20, 2018

2 p.m. Public Hearing Video
6 p.m. Public Hearing Video


The Citizen Committee will present final recommendations to City Council in support of community projects that best align with the City's long term goals and values at a Special City Council meeting scheduled for Thursday, January 31, 2019.

The mayor and a City leadership team will present a list of City projects for consideration to Council at this same meeting. The Council will then take both City and community projects into consideration as they assess the needs of the City, and will take all funds and projects being undertaken to ensure that Vision Funds are allocated toward projects that best accomplish the City's long term goals and priorities.

  pdf 2019 Citizen Committee Project Recommendations (116 KB)

pdf 2019 City Council Vision Fund Allocation Summary (99 KB)


George Grassby, Chairman - Term Expires - August 2019
Mark Massa - Term Expires - August 2019
Tim Johnson - Term Expires - August 2019
Bob DeMerssemann - Term Expires - August 2019
Megan Reder-Schopp - Term Expires - August 2019
Dawn Connor - Term Expires - August 2019
Jo Lynn Little Wounded - Term Expires - August 2019
Heather Forney - Term Expires - August 2019
Katy Kinnan - Term Expires - August 2019

Contact the Mayor's Office if you have questions:
Mayor's Office
300 Sixth Street
Rapid City, SD 57701
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3.16090 Rapid City Capital Improvements and Vision Fund
pdf History of Vision Fund ProjectS (199 KB)
Rapid City Comprehensive Plan

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