Rapid City Youth City Council

The Rapid City Youth City Council creates an accessible channel for open communication between the Rapid City Common council and youth in the community; with opportunities to spark civic engagement and gain valuable experience.  The Youth City Council will strengthen the community and promote a spirit of pride in our city.

Current Agenda

Number of members: 5-18 members

Residency/Registered Voter Requirement

Members must be 14-18 years of age and must attend a secondary school that services Rapid City residents, live within the City of Rapid City and are homeschooled, or have dropped out after attending a school servicing City residents. 

Special Qualifications

The Youth City Council is committed to creating an inclusive environment where diverse voices are welcomed to the work getting done.  If possible, at least two members will be in 9th grade, at least two members in 10th grade, at least two members in 11th grade and at least two members in 12th grade.   Selection committee will strive to have representation from private, public and home schools.  

Summary of Duties

The Youth City Council will have the following nonbinding duties:  advise the Common Council on matters related to youth; promote civic engagement among youth; and provide its membership at least one member to attend public Common Council meetings as a monitor to relay information back to the Youth City Council at their monthly meetings.  The members of the Youth City Council will be given opportunities to review and discuss Rapid City Common Council agendas to gain knowledge and insight on important community issues and learn about City issues from different departments of the City. 


Youth City Council meetings will take place on the second Tuesday of every month.  The Youth City Council may hold additional meetings, as necessary, if any such meeting is approved by the Mayor of Rapid City or his/her designee.  Meetings will take place in the Rapid City Common Council Chambers. 


Stirling Wallace - December 2021
Rylan Barnett - December 2021
Laura Jensen - December 2021
Evyenia Rose Gillen - December 2021
Kiran Kelly - December 2021
Megan Stagner - December 2021
Victoria Lujan - December 2021
Natalie Johnson - December 2021
Peyton Swallow - December 2021
Tristan Eizinger - December 2021
Caitlynn Gregerson - December 2022
Sadie Colbeck - December 2022
Kaitlynn Wellman - December 2022
Kaci Kirschenman - December 2022
Sho-Shanna Piper - December 2022
Tae Swanson - December 2022
Blake Bush - December 2022
Dhruv Goyal - December 2022

City Council Liaison

Lance Lehmann and/or Laura Armstrong

RCAS Program Coordinator, Kristin Kiner - (605) 310-4400

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