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The Parking Advisory Board will advise and make policy recommendations to City staff and City Council on all aspects of public parking within the City. The purpose of the board is to provide citizen and property owner input into the policy decisions for the City related to all aspects of public parking, including on-street parking, parking meters, parking garages, parking lots, and parking fees. The board is also responsible for hearing and deciding any administrative appeals from people assessed additional fees for parking in violation of the code. 



(A minimum of four board members will be appointed to represent the downtown district)


Members of the board shall be citizens of Rapid City, or be the owner of property located in the downtown district. An owner of property shall mean the title holder, purchaser under a contract for deed, lessee, or an officer, agent, or employee of a legal entity that meets one of the three criteria.


Meetings are held the first Tuesday of each quarter at 8:00 am in the Council Chambers.


Vacant - Term Expires - July 1, 2021
Mark Bachman - Term Expires - July 1, 2022
Casey Peterson - Term Expires - July 1, 2022
Erin Krueger - Term Expires - July 1, 2022
Domico Rodriguez - Term Expires - July 1, 2022
Laura Jones - Term Expires - July 1, 2024
Garth Wadsworth - Term Expires - July 1, 2024

*Indicates a second term.


Ordinance Establishing General Parking Regulations


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