August 18, 2017

Three Local Businesses Fail Alcohol Compliance Check

On Thursday, August 17, the Rapid City Police Department conducted compliance checks of local alcohol establishments. A total of 18 establishments were checked and 15 were found to be in compliance.

Three of the establishments, Safeway Store, located at 2120 Mt Rushmore Rd, Main Street Square, located at 512 Main St, and Rushmore Sinclair, located at 2420 Mt Rushmore Rd, sold alcohol to underage police informants. The sellers, Lois Ward (61 years old), an employee of Safeway Store, Shannon Mojica (25 years old), an employee of Main Street Square, and Jeffrey Furiga (49 years old), an employee of Rushmore Sinclair, were issued  court appearance required citations.

Furnishing alcohol to a minor is a class 2 misdemeanor punishable by 30 days in jail, a $500 fine, or both.

The following establishments were found to be in compliance:

  1. Lacosta Mexican Restaurant                                603 Omaha St.
  2. Summer Nights                                                      Downtown/7th St.
  3. Oasis Lounge                                                             711 Main St.
  4. Brass Rail                                                                     624 St Joseph St.
  5. Independent Ale House                                        625 St Joseph St.
  6. Tinder Box                                                                  520 7th St.
  7. Bob’s Amoco                                                              721 Mt Rushmore Rd.
  8. Jokers Casino                                                             1320 Mt Rushmore Rd.
  9. Boyd’s Liquor Mart                                                  1424 Mt Rushmore Rd.
  10. Rushmore Casino                                                     1808 Mt Rushmore Rd.
  11. Corner Pantry                                                            1818 Mt Rushmore Rd. 
  12. Joe’s Place                                                                  4302 S Highway 79
  13. Pauly’s Pizzeria & Sub Co.                                     1624 E St Patrick St.
  14. Holiday Superstores                                               35 Omaha St.
  15. Big D Oil                                                                       49 Omaha St.

The Rapid City Police Department is committed to excellence in public safety. Protecting the youth in the community is a priority and the Department will continue to conduct alcohol compliance checks in an effort to reduce underage consumption of alcohol.

Since January 1, 2017, ten establishments have failed the alcohol compliance checks by selling to underage informants. 

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