October 29, 2018

RCPD to participate in ‘No-Shave November’

Captain James Johns Captain James Johns

The Rapid City Police Department is relaxing its policies on personal appearance to allow its personnel help raise money for two local organizations.

During the month of November, officers will be allowed to grow out their facial hair in exchange for a donation benefiting the Rapid City Club for Boys and Girls Inc. Female officers will not be left out of the fundraising effort, and will be allowed to get creative in decorating their nails for the cause.

Captain James Johns, commander of the RCPD’s patrol division, has set a fundraising goal of $1,000. Should the fundraising effort meet that goal, Captain Johns has committed to shaving his hallmark mustache/goatee. Captain Johns has not appeared clean-shaven for more than two decades.

“We’re putting our own creative take on ‘No-Shave November’ at the RCPD,” says Captain Johns. “This will be one more way our folks can put their community first and support two very valuable Rapid City organizations. I’m excited to challenge our staff to meet the fundraising goal, even though my wife is less than enthusiastic at the prospect of me losing my facial hair.”

All department personnel are encouraged to participate, and patrol shifts and the RCPD Criminal Investigation Division will be given the opportunity to challenge each other to help the department reach its fundraising goal.

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