November 18, 2016

RCPD/PCSO warn citizens against scam

The RCPD is currently investigating a scam in which a caller is claiming to be associated with local law enforcement in an attempt to solicit money from a person who may have warrants.

The scam unfolds like this:

  • A caller will state that he or she is associated with a local law enforcement agency. They will use readily available information to pose as a specific person within that agency.
  • They will inform the victim that the victim currently has warrants or fines levied against them by the law enforcement agency.
  • The victim is then told to send money or a money-transfer to a specific address to settle the warrants or fines.

The public should be advised that the Pennington County Sherriff’s Office does not address warrants or fines in this matter. If a person is being contacted to address a warrant, they will be asked to come to the Pennington County Sherriff’s Office Warrants Division in person. A monetary transaction will never be requested over the phone.

If an individual receives a call matching this type of scam, they are advised to hang up and contact the Pennington County Warrants Division directly at 605-394-6117 for any inquiries related to warrants.

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