October 02, 2016

RCPD partners with Destination Rapid City to install ‘Giving Meters’

Giving Meter at the intersection of Main Street and 6th Street Giving Meter at the intersection of Main Street and 6th Street Destination Rapid City

In an effort to curb panhandling in the downtown core, two ‘Giving Meters’ have been installed in Downtown Rapid City. They are each located on the northwest and northeast corners of the intersection at 6th Street and Main Street.

The idea is simple: The Giving Meters offer Rapid City residents and visitors an alternative way to help the less fortunate in our community. Money collected with the meters will go to the Cornerstone Rescue Mission. The goal is to educate the public that feeding the cycle of aggressive panhandling keeps the illegal practice present in our downtown. The meters will be used in an effort to break that unhealthy cycle.

“In many cases, money donated to those who choose to panhandle will ultimately be used to buy alcohol, creating a cycle of problems that strain police and public resources,” said Dan Rud, Captain of the RCPD’s Patrol Division. “The RCPD hopes the public will utilize these meters and work with us to create an atmosphere where aggressive panhandling is not tolerated in our city.”

“We know Rapid City is full of kind-hearted people that want to do the right thing,” said Destination Rapid City President Dan Senftner. “We just want to offer those folks a resource to best make sure their donations get where they will have the most benefit for the less-fortunate of Rapid City.”

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