June 04, 2018

RCPD invites public to help celebrate opening of new satellite office

As the result of several years of partnership between the RCPD and the Knollwood Townhouses Apartments, the Rapid City Police Department has created a satellite office within the apartment complex.

The grand opening is scheduled for June 6th from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at 25 Knollwood Drive on the west end of Building D.

The space and furnishings of the new satellite office was graciously donated by the Knollwood Townhouse Apartments and will serve as a quiet location where officers can catch up on reports, enjoy their lunchbreak, and even plan out sector-policing efforts.

(It should be noted that this new office is not a precinct. It instead serves as an additional workspace for officers assigned to the city’s north side to use in their day-to-day duties).

“The Knollwood Townhouses Apartment Complex serves as a shining example of success within the RCPD’s Crime-Free Multi-Housing program,” says RCPD Crime Prevention Specialist Ron Terviel. “There was a time when this area had one of the highest call-for-service volumes in Rapid City. We credit their active participation in the CFMH program for the astronomical reduction in crime in this area of town.”

The RCPD’s Crime-Free Multi-Housing program is a multi-tiered approach to creating a safer environment in and around the city’s various apartment complexes. By having apartment management partner with a law enforcement liaison, the program gives these locations the tools they need to increase safety, remove problem tenants, and actively deter crime.

More than 30 multi-housing properties actively partner with the RCPD as a part of the Crime-Free Multi-Housing program, with nine of those locations having attained full CFMH certification since starting the program.

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