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August 16, 2016

RCPD announces restructuring of School Liaison Program, new Liaison Officers

The 2016-17 RCPD School Liaison Program The 2016-17 RCPD School Liaison Program

In time for the 2016/2017 school year, the Rapid City Police Department is announcing an adjusted command structure for the department’s School Liaison Program. The RCPD’s seven SLOs will now report to a single Sergeant who oversees the program. Sgt. Brian Benner has been assigned to command the program. The SLO Program has also been reassigned as a function of the RCPD’s Patrol Division. Previously, it was a function of the Criminal Investigation Division.

School Liaison Officers provide a variety of roles within the Rapid City Area School District, to include the investigation of criminal matters within the school district, providing a law enforcement presence within Rapid City schools in order to facilitate positive interaction between students and police officers, and to provide an opportunity for officers to better understand problems affecting the youth in our community.

The Rapid City Police Department would also like to announce the addition of several new School Liaison Officers who will be assigned to Rapid City Area School District in the coming school year. They are:

  • Officer Matt James, who will be assigned to South Middle School
  • Officer Jake Kelley, who will be assigned to North Middle School
  • Officer Brian Pitts, who will be assigned to Central High School
  • Officer Barry Young, who will be assigned as a part-time School Liaison two days a week

These four officers will join three other School Liaison officers already assigned to the following locations:

  • Sr. Officer Tim Doyle, who is assigned to Central High School
  • Officer Dan Mertz, who is assigned to West Middle School
  • Officer Eric Dwyer, who is assigned to Rapid City High School

“By restructuring the School Liaison Program, we feel we will better be able to meet the needs of a growing school district,” said Captain Dan Rud, Commander of the RCPD’s Patrol Division. “To be assigned as a School Liaison Officer, candidates must show a deep compassion and capacity to working with local youth. I know these officers all exhibit those qualities and I am confident they will do an excellent job in their new assignments.”