October 14, 2021

Rapid City Police Department seeks input through community survey

The Rapid City Police Department is currently seeking community participation in a short survey that gauges residents’ perspectives on the state of public safety and associated services within Rapid City.

Every three years, as part of its accreditation requirements set by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA), the RCPD conducts a community-wide survey assessing the public’s views on the professionalism of the RCPD and the perception of crime as it relates to public safety. The agency’s 2021 community survey is now live and input is being sought from all community members. 

The RCPD has been a CALEA accredited agency since 1990 and takes great pride in the improvements it has made since CALEA reviewers first began providing feedback and direction on the RCPD’s management of life, health and safety practices. These improvements would not have been possible without input from the community. 

Dr. Rich Braunstein of the University of South Dakota’s Government Research Bureau just completed a face-to-face survey of several residential communities in the Northside Neighborhood. Dr. Braunstein’s neighborhood survey was done as part of the RCPD Community Building and Crime Reduction program active in Rapid City’s Northside since 2019. Braunstein was also involved in the drafting of the 2021 RCPD Community Survey.

“This survey-work is key to advancing public trust, stronger community service, and the development of more collaborative public safety initiatives,” says Dr. Braunstein. “More than a required element of CALEA accreditation, the 2021 RCPD Community Survey is necessary means for the community’s police department to acquire essential feedback from community members.”

The online survey can be located at https://bit.ly/39xjN4g and can be completed from October 14th through October 28th, 2021. 

The survey takes approximately six minutes to complete and is completely anonymous.

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