May 19, 2017

Police work to ensure safety during International Collegiate Programming Contest in Rapid City

The Rapid City Police Department is helping the City of Rapid City roll out the red carpet as approximately 3,000 guests from all over the world begin to arrive in Rapid City for the International Collegiate Programming Contest. The event runs May 20th through May 25th.

ICPC 2017 will be taking over the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center and many of the participants will have lodging in downtown Rapid City. The RCPD is anticipating a significant increase in pedestrian traffic in the downtown area.

Rapid City drivers are advised to pack their patience during their morning commute May 22nd – 25th while participants utilize the 6th Street Crosswalk to cross Omaha Street to get to the Civic Center as the event starts each day. 

The RCPD will maintain an increased presence in the downtown area for the duration of the event:

  • Starting May 19th, additional officers on bike and foot patrol will be assigned to the downtown sector.
  • Beginning May 22nd, the RCPD Parking Enforcement division will work to direct peak pedestrian traffic associated with the event to utilize the 6th Street crossing at Omaha Street.
  • Additionally, volunteer members of the RCPD’s Police Auxiliary will be available the downtown area to act as ‘Rapid City Ambassadors’ for any needs our international guests may have.

“The ICPC is a major event for any city hosting it, big or small,” says Captain James Johns who is coordinating public safety efforts during the competition. “Ensuring the success of this competition is monumental task, but we want to make a major impression on our international guests. We believe by doing so, word will continue to spread around the globe that Rapid City is an international destination.”

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