January 31, 2018

Mayor Allender Presents 2017 Progress Report

Mayor Steve Allender presented the 2017/2018 Progress Report at a press conference January 31.  He highlighted several accomplishments for the City in 2017 and outlined goals for 2018. 

Among the numerous areas addressed included Priority Based Budgeting; the Citizen Priority Survey; Sales and Property Tax Report; the Utility Rate Study; K-12 Public Transportation; Future of the Civic Center's Barnett Arena; the Railroad Quiet Zone Task Force; Downtown Master Plan including the Historic Preservation Architectural Survey, Innovation District/Redevelopment Site, Zoning, Parking, 6th and Saint Joseph Street/Redevelopment Site and Promenade/Sixth Street Corridor Planning; Building Permits; Citizen Vision Committee; City/School Administration Center changes; Community Resources Reorganization and 2017 Highlights.

Check out the 2017 Progress Report here.


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