April 17, 2017

Four Local Businesses Fail Alcohol Compliance Check

On Wednesday, April 12, 2017, the Rapid City Police Department conducted compliance checks of local alcohol establishments.  A total of 19 establishments were checked and 15 were found to be in compliance.

Four of the establishments sold alcohol to underage police informants: Autumn Hills Liquor, located at 5312 Sheridan Lake Rd; Common Cents, located at 2808 Sheridan Lake Rd.; Piesano’s Pacchia, located at 3618 Canyon Lake Drive Suite 33; and Shooters, located at 2424 W Main St. The sellers are: 47-year-old Marcus Flavin, an employee of Autumn Hills Liquor; 32-year-old James Lowrance, an employee of Common Cents; 35-year-old Daniel Orth, an employee of Piesano’s Pacchia; and 47-year-old Clarence Whitlock, an employee of Shooters. Each was issued a court-appearance-required citation.

Furnishing alcohol to a minor is a class 2 misdemeanor punishable by 30 days in jail, a $500 fine, or both.

The following establishments were found to be in compliance:

  1. Botticelli Ristorante                523 Main St
  2. Loaf ‘N Jug                                  1627 Mt Rushmore Rd
  3. Colonial House                          2315 Mt Rushmore Rd
  4. Black Hills Coffee                     5955 S Highway 16 Suite G
  5. Buffalo Wings & Rings            5622 Sheridan Lake Rd
  6. Arrowhead Country Club      3675 Sheridan Lake Rd
  7. Big D                                              2303 Jackson Blvd
  8. Jackpot Casino                           2144 Jackson Blvd
  9. Marco’s Pizza                             3625 Jackson Blvd
  10. Canyon Lake Pub                      4116 Jackson Blvd
  11. Canyon Lake Liquors               4244 Canyon Lake Dr.
  12. Carousel Casino                        2050 W Main St Suite 2A
  13. Buffalo Wild Wings                  715 Mt View Rd
  14. Family Thrift                               751 Mt View Rd
  15. Corner Pantry                            601 Mt View Rd

The Rapid City Police Department is committed to excellence in public safety. Protecting the youth in the community is a priority and the Department will continue to conduct alcohol compliance checks in an effort to reduce underage consumption of alcohol.

Since January 1, 2017, five establishments have failed the alcohol compliance checks by selling to underage informants. 

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