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July 19, 2019

Downtown Parking Changes Implementation Update


The 620 parking meters have now been installed in the downtown core.  The meters are currently taking credit cards, coins, tokens, Google/Apple Pay and you may pay by the ‘Park Smarter’ application. The courtesy 15-minute ‘quick trip’ option is available by pressing the ‘+’.  If using the “Park Smarter” application, you can identify your meter number by looking at the bottom of the screen and you can manually enter your meter number into the location area.  Park Smarter meter stickers will be installed first of next week.    

The pay stations are installed on the 1st Floor of the Parking Ramp and take the same payment options.  The Park Smarter information is displayed throughout the first floor.

Dollar tokens are available for purchase by businesses through the City Finance Office.  

The online citation payment portal is activated for payment of current and past citations. New ordinance allows for a vehicle to be immobilized with three parking tickets with an outstanding balance or $125 in fines. Go to and you can look up your tickets by your license plate, tickets go back to 2016.

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