September 09, 2021

Chief Hedrick announces Assistant Chief, Lieutenant, Sergeant promotions

Effective today, Rapid City Chief of Police Don Hedrick announces promotions for the ranks of Assistant Chief of Police, Lieutenant, and Sergeant.

Captain Sitts is being appointed to the newly reinstated position of Assistant Chief of Police. Assistant Chief Sitts began his career with the RCPD in 2004 after service in both the United States Marine Corps, and at a Sheriff’s Office in eastern South Dakota. He has since served as a Patrol Officer, Detective assigned to the Internet Crimes Against Children Taskforce, Patrol Sergeant, Special Operations Sergeant, Patrol Lieutenant, and most recently, the Captain of the RCPD’s Support Services Division. Assistant Chief Sitts has his Bachelor’s Degree in Business, and is set to complete his MBA in December of this year. Assistant Chief Sitts will assist with the planning, direction, and supervision of the RCPD’s budget, operations, personnel, equipment, and facilities.

Sergeant Kelvin Masur is being promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. He began his career with the RCPD in 2001 as a Patrol Officer. In 2008 he moved to the RCPD’s Criminal Investigation Division as a Detective, where he also spent time assigned to the ICAC Taskforce. In 2015, he was promoted to Patrol Sergeant before transitioning to CID to supervise criminal investigation in 2016. Lt. Masur is working toward his Bachelor’s Degree and will be assigned to the Field Services Division as a Patrol Lieutenant.

Sergeant Darren Soucy is being promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. Lt. Soucy began his career with the RCPD in 2007 as a patrol officer before moving to CID as a detective in 2011. He returned to the Patrol Division in 2012 after being promoted to Sergeant. In 2020 he was reassigned to serve as the RCPD’s Special Operations Sergeant. Lt. Soucy has his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and his Master’s Degree in Kinesiology. He will return to Field Services as a Patrol Lieutenant.

Detective Andrew Kimbell is being promoted to the rank of Sergeant.  Sgt. Kimbell was hired in 2015 and was a Patrol Officer until last summer when he was reassigned as a Detective in CID.  He has his Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology, and also served four years in the U.S. Army.

***Find Attached photos of Assistant Chief Sitts, Lt. Masur, Lt. Soucy, and Sgt. Kimbell

“I am extremely pleased to announce the promotion of these four remarkable police officers,” says Chief Don Hedrick. “They will move into leadership positions made vacant as a result of a variety of retirements over the course of the last year. While this is the start of an important transition within our agency, we look forward to continuing to identify strong candidate for promotion to several other leadership positions within the department. Please join me in congratulating these officers in these important steps in their distinguished careers.”

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