Socrates Café

12/11/16 6:30 am until 12/11/16 7:30 am
Categories: Library

What is being?

What makes life?

Which is better:  dogs or cats?

These are the questions we asked ourselves last month. Join us in December. We are an inquisitive, open and playful bunch!

In ancient Athens, Socrates inspired a love of questions encouraging his students to further examine their most deeply held beliefs. Taking our cue from Socrates, Dr. Timothy Martinez leads our discussion in an atmosphere of free thinking and energetic exchange with the goal of not coming to a consensus, but to explore different ideas, assumptions and perspectives. Martinez is a professor of political science at Black Hills State University, teaching Latin history and political philosophy.

Our Socrates Café gathering is based on the book Socrates Café:  A Fresh Taste of Philosophy by Christopher Phillips.

This event will be held in Meeting Room B.

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