Baby Bumblebee Thursdays

11/07/19 9:30 am until 11/07/19 10:30 am
Categories: Library
Take part in the world’s largest shared reading experience! Read for the Record brings together millions of people each year in classrooms, libraries & community centers across the United States highlighting the importance of building early literacy & language skills, providing all children opportunity to enter kindergarten prepared to succeed. This year’s book selection, Thank You, Omu! by debut author-illustrator Oge Mora, tells the story of Omu, a generous elderly woman who makes a fantastic pot of thick red stew. The stew emits a sumptuous smell that lures the entire neighborhood to her home. The story connects children to themes of generosity & community. Following story time, make & share a collage card with someone you love or who’s been generous to you & you’d like to give back to them! Then, take home a Kindness Jar & a bag of jelly beans. For each act of kindness that anyone in the family does or observes, place a bean in the Kindness Jar. For each unkind word or act, take two beans out. When the jar becomes full, do something special together as a family! Visit for more information.

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