First Tuesday Story Time with the Rapid City Fire Department & Smokey Bear! | Happy 75th Birthday, Smokey Bear!

08/06/19 9:30 am until 08/06/19 10:00 am
Categories: Library
Smokey Bear is celebrating a milestone birthday! Smokey visits the library with Rapid City Fire Department Fire & Life Safety Division member, Lisa Saunders. Hear stories of fire prevention & safety & meet the special birthday bear, Smokey Bear! Since 1944, Smokey has protected America’s forests from unwanted, human-caused fire. His message of wildfire prevention is the longest-running PSA campaign in our nation’s history, but he still needs your help. Only you can prevent wildfires. In the spring of 1950, a young bear cub found himself caught in a burning forest in the Capitan Mountains of New Mexico. He climbed a tree to survive, but was still badly burned. The firefighters who retrieved him were so moved by his bravery they named him Smokey. Smokey was given a new home at the National Zoo in Washington, DC. Smokey died in 1976 & was returned to the Smokey Bear Historical Park in Capitan, New Mexico.

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