Donuts & Documentaries | Thought-Provoking Entertainment: Stay Human

07/28/19 1:00 pm until 07/28/19 2:30 pm
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Award-winning musician Michael Franti's documentary, Stay Human, is all about one simple but essential message: the only way to challenge cynicism is through hope & humanity, not through continued perpetuation of reclusiveness. In times of despair, when it seems like the world is a weird, unrecognizable place, it's important to stay human. Franti takes us on a personal journey through his songs & stories of people who have chosen to overcome cynicism with optimism & hope.

Franti shares the tales of a midwife who opened a birthing clinic in the aftermath of a devastating typhoon in the Philippines, a young couple whose love carries them through a battle with ALS, an environmental scientist in Bali who perfected a method to make industrial & household products with bamboo in an effort to curb deforestation & two music educators who help inspire their community of Port Elizabeth, South Africa through music & education. Franti hopes to inspire people to become change makers by utilizing creativity, tenacity & heart, in order to face our daily challenges as individuals, & together as citizens of our planet.

Stay Human is not rated.

Documentary films provide a deeper study of timely, often unnoticed social issues. Their compelling storytelling engages the heart & mind allowing us to walk in another's shoes, oftentimes providing those rebuffed a voice, ultimately building a sense of shared humanity.

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