Annie Oakley & Sitting Bull | Surprising Friendship presented by Candy Hamilton

04/13/19 1:00 pm until 04/13/19 2:00 pm
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Sitting Bull was a distinguished & strong leader of his generation. He called Annie Oakley, Watanya Cicilia or Little Sure Shot.

Annie Oakley was a famous sharpshooter, seasoned performer & earned star billing. Oakley wrote of Sitting Bull, 'He is a dear, faithful, old friend, and I've great respect and affection for him.'

How did their friendship begin & what can we learn from Annie Oakley & Sitting Bull?

Candy Hamilton has worked as a Humanities Scholar & Artist in Schools & Communities for more than 20 years teaching classes & writing workshops from pre-K through college. Her classes are fun, entertaining & useful. She completed her master's degree at University of South Dakota & has won national awards for her poetry & journalism. Hamilton has extensive experience working with youth at-risk including those in treatment & those incarcerated.

This event is sponsored in part by the South Dakota Humanities Council.

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