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02/19/19 6:30 pm until 02/19/19 7:45 pm
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Contact Janet Parr at 394-6139 xt. 2215 or email [email protected] for details of your recipe choice for February.

Make one recipe at home & share a meal together from Food52 Genius Recipes. Bring home samples of other recipes to enjoy.

Recipes are:


1)    Olive Oil & Maple Granola

2)    'Use a Spoon' Chopped Salad

3)    Warm Squash & Chickpea Salad with Tahini

4)    Potato Soup with Fried Almonds

5)    Meatballs

6)    Balsamic Glazed Beets & Greens

7)    Ratatouille

8)    Gratin of Zucchini, Rice & Onions with Cheese

9)    Strawberry Shortcakes

10)  Marie-Helene's Apple Cake


Limit 10 participants.

There are good recipes & there are great ones - and then, there are genius recipes. Rethink the way you cook with 100 smart, foolproof recipes using unexpected simple techniques & familiar ingredients used in a new way making cooking fun.

Food52 executive editor Kristen Miglore obtained a master's degree in Food Studies from New York University & a culinary degree from the Institute of Culinary Education. Food52 Genius Recipes is a New York Times bestseller. has become a premier online community for cooks at all levels & includes cooking contests, a hotline, & integrated kitchen & home shop.

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