Our compost is available to everyone as a soil additive to create a nutrient rich environment for all types of gardening.  These composts are appropriate for food and flower gardens as well as lawns, bushes, trees and more. 
Compost can be picked up at the landfill during the hours of:
Hours: Monday through Saturday - 7:00am - 4:45pm
Saturday Winter Hours (November - April):  7:00am - 2:45pm

The following products are available at the Landfill.  They are sold by weight, there is no minimum purchase required. Purchase is simple,  pull on to the scale and let the attendant know which product you would like. After you load up your compost you will weigh back out. You may pay with cash, local check or credit card.
3/8" Yard Waste Compost - $20.00/ton
3/4" Yard Waste Compost - $15.00/ton
Wood Chips - $10.00/ton
50/50: 3/8" Yard Waste/Co-Compost - $10.00/ton

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