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RapidMap - Land parcels, aerial photos, address points, and lots of other map information 

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NEW!  Imagery - Map containg the latest 2021 imagery of the Rapid City area.  

Imagery Download 


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1972 Flood Commemoration Map - An interactive map to help users to explore the sites of the 1972 Flood.

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Click here to launch 1972 Rapid City Flood site

Rapid City Collection Days - An interactive map showing Rapid City Landfill Collection Days

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Click here to launch Rapid City Collection Days site
Survey Points - Rapid City area survey points      Launch survey points and data grids map application Click here to launch the Survey Points site


Pennington Outdoors Site


 Pennington Outdoors web site thumbnail  Click here to launch the Pennington Outdoors site


Rapid City Road Construction Site


        Rapid City Road Construction Map  Click here to launch the Rapid City Road Construction Site

Pennington County Voting Information

 Pennnington County voting web site thumbnail

Click here to launch the voting site

Wildfire Risk Assessment Map

    Wildfire Risk Assessmane web site thumbnail

Click here to launch the Wildfire Risk Assessment site


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These map documents do not represent a legal survey of the land.
Rapid City zoning information is based on the best available data and is not guaranteed to be accurate. Individuals using the information should confirm the accuracy of the data regarding specific parcels by contacting the City of Rapid City Community Planning and Development Department.
There are no restrictions on the distribution of printed Rapid City/Pennington County maps, other than the City of Rapid City copyright/credit notice must be legible in the print.

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